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Welcome to our parish!
Welcome to the Holy Resurrection of Christ Serbian Orthodox Parish of Lebanon, PA.  A community of Orthodox Christians gathered together from diverse backgrounds, united in the Love of Jesus Christ into one faith, we assemble to worship God through daily prayer, weekly services and annual festal celebrations.

This parish is dedicated to promoting the Good News of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ in worship, education, stewardship and outreach.  We welcome you to join in praising God with us!

Upcoming Events
  • - 12/31/14

    Every Friday- Small Compline   ( 6 pm) Every Saturday- Vespers              (6 pm) Every Sunday- Divine Liturgy     ( 10 am)...

  • Church Services - 01/01/15

    Fridays - Small Compline - 6 pm Saturdays - Vespers -6 pm Sundays -Divine Liturgy -10 am...

News Updates
02/05/15The Great Lent -

 THE GREAT LENT - A Week by Week Meaning

Rev. George Mastrantonis


There are institutes and symbols adopted by nations, churches or groups of men which represent certain ideals accumulated in the past. These institutes, that is precepts recognized as authoritative, and symbols represent the thoughts and feelings of those who created or adopted them and put in them all the experience of the past, often through struggle and sacrifice. A few feet of ribbon for instance, red, blue and white in color, have little value as is. But if one puts them in a certain pattern of stripes and stars, they become the flag of the United States and represent the ideals and unity of the people of America. The flag reminds us of the people's struggle for liberty. It represents the national unity which attained for them their rights as a people.  read more ... 

02/04/15Life on Mt. Athos -

  CBS - Documentary about Mt. Athos

02/03/15Gleanings from the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church -

…The only hope of salvation from the delusions and the heresies, the innovations and the traps of wicked people and of the devil is prayer, repentance and humility… REF:Elder Joseph (trans. from Greek by Elizabeth Theokritoff), "Elder Joseph the Hesychast," (Mount Athos: The Great and Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi, 1999), pp. 195 - 198

Had Moses not received the rod of power from God, he would not have become a god to Pharaoh (Exodus 7:1) and a scourge both to him and to Egypt. Correspondingly the intellect, if it fails to grasp the power of prayer, will not be able to shatter sin and the hostile forces ranged against it." St. Gregory of Sinai.

12/09/14Gleanings from the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church -

Had Moses not received the rod of power from God, he would not have become a god to Pharaoh (Exodus 7:1) and a scourge both to him and to Egypt. Correspondingly the intellect, if it fails to grasp the power of prayer, will not be able to shatter sin and the hostile forces ranged against it." St. Gregory of Sinai.

11/23/14Gleanings from the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church -

There is no other manner of purification and sanctification than noetic prayer. This filled paradise with Holy people. REF:Elder Amphilochios of Patmos +1970

Prayer is grace. God gives it when there exists zeal and humility… Let Christ not be missing from your heart.REF:Elder Amphilochios of Patmos +1970

11/21/14Saint Nikolai Velimirovic-Prayers by the Lake -

Saint Nikolai Velimirovic-Prayers by the Lake

11/20/14Parish News -


(11.17.2014 to 11.23.2014) 

 THURSDAY (11.20.) at 06.00 pm – Vespers

FRIDAY (11.21) at 06.00 pm – Small Compline

 SATURDAY (11.22) at 06.00 pm VESPERS

 SUNDAY (11.23) at 10.00 am – HOLY LITURGY 

11/20/14Holy Fathers/Elder Paisios English Subtitles -

Elder Paisios (A film about St.Paisios)

File:Elder Paisios of Mount Athos.jpg

09/14/14Parish News -

Sunday, Sept. 14th ----- Annual Church Picnic will start at 12 Noon - Till ?    Music will be provided by Svirja.All are welcome... great ethnic food and Serbian cookies will be available.

06/12/14Parish News -

Fr. Michael  Slovesko will present the History of Orthodoxy ant the Serbian Church in Lebanon. -9:30am, 122 E.Weidman St.

06/08/14Parish News -

After the service, a Brunch will be served with a Board Meeting to follow.

04/17/14Holy Resurrection of Christ Serbian Orthdox Church Slava -

The 98th Church anniversary will be held on Sunday,April 27 following Divine Liturgy at 10:00 am. The kumovi will be Lillian Vracarich Sentz and her son Robert Sentz Jr. 

04/16/14Holy Week Schedule -

Good Friday 4/18- 3:00 pm

Saturday Matins 4/19- 10:00 pm

Easter Sunday 4/20- 10:00 am   Divine Liturgy

Very Rev. Michael Slovesko will officiate the service and the blessing of the baskets in the church social hall. An Agape sharing will follow and all are welcome to share in the goodies.

03/14/14Presanctified Liturgy Services -Easter Lent -

Services will be held every Friday at 6pm. A light lenten meal will be served. You may bring a lenten dish to share. All are welcome.

03/14/14Diocesan Assembly in Monroeville Pa March 2014 -

An opportunity to see and hear the state of affairs for the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America.

03/01/14Monthly Calendar -

Visit our updated monthly calendar for Church Scheduling information!  Just a reminder:  Divine Liturgy begins at 10:00AM every Sunday!  Fr. Michael Slovesko will be serving during the interim for our parish until a new parish priest is assigned.


02/15/14Divine Liturgy cancelled -

No service for Sunday,Feb. 16.....

08/11/13Orthodox Christian Stewardship -

The Life of the Orthodox Christian is one of Thanksgiving for all of the blessings one has received--it is a life of Stewardship.  Thus, it is necessary that the parish organizational structure reflect this life.  Recently, our parish voted to transition to utilizing the Stewardship Structure.  Visit our new Stewardship section of the website and the Stewardship blog of the SOCNA ( for more information. 

08/01/13Parish Events -


Our Annual Walk-a-thon will occur Monday, September 1-Saturday, September 8!  Check out our events sections for downloadable forms for this and other upcoming events!




Our Annual Parish Picnic will occur on Sunday, September 8 after Divine Liturgy.  Orkestra Pobeda of Pittsburgh will be playing throughout the afternoon.  Serbian Delicacies will be available for your enjoyment-- COME ONE AND ALL!




Fr. Christopher Rocknage, our pastor and rector these past three years, is re-assigned.  We continue to pray for him as he begins his new assignment, and for His Grace, Bishop MITROPHAN, that the Holy Spirit guides him to assign a new parish priest here soon.  We also give thanks to God for Fr. Michael Slovesko, who has graciously agreed to serve as the interim parish priest through October.  Fr. Christopher's farewell address is located under the PARISH EVENTS section.


Ancient Faith Radio
Ancient Faith Radio

Strive as well as you can to enter deeply with the heart into the church reading and singing and to imprint these on the tablets of the heart.

Abbot Nazarius

Sunday, May 24th (11)
Ss. Cyril and Methodius
10:00 Divine Liturgy
Friday, May 29th (16)
6:00 Compline
Saturday, May 30th (17)
6:00 Vespers
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